///Smart Solutions for Smart – gadget Repairs

Smart Solutions for Smart – gadget Repairs

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The mobility industry we now know has had many facelifts since after pre 2000 era. With passing years the mobility repair segment has become the need of the hour, with technology becoming more complex, the repair businesses have become more user friendly which in turn has opened avenues of skill creation along with revolutionizing the value added services sector.

Some of the most sought after services include post sales repair,free pick & drop, in & out warranty, free remote services, insurance&much more lead the pack. However, the industry’s key differentiator has been doorstep pick up and drop facility that allows customer to get their smart-device collected, fixed and delivered it back at his or her doorstep.

How Free Pick up & Drop Service Influenced Mobile Repair Business?

With the advent of free pick up & delivery services, the Mobile phone business has witnessed a major turnaround, with customer beginning to prefer these services over the local Bhaiya’s shops, for the simple fact that these businesses are certified, more professional & provide the services in a very short turnaround time, Smartly.

How does this affect the end-user?

Easy & Comfortable: If you are the end-user , all you need to do when your smart-gadget gets damaged is, brew a nice cup of tea, fix your comfortable cushions and park yourself in the easy chair while dialing a toll free number 1800-120-2177 and letting the SSP Advantage 24 X 7 Live Customer Care take it from there.

Cuts down the travel hassle: Now with the services being provided literally your fingertips (SSP Live help & App), all you need is to catch up with your reading while our well trained & certified CME (customer management executives) assist you with your concerns.

Let go of Uncertainty: Gone are the days when users had just two options – apply manufacturer’s warranty card which most likely may have expired by the time they needed it or to flock to the nearest handyman and haggle over the much marked up pricing, at this point both you and the handyman know that that’s the so called market rate for repair is overpriced, yet you despairingly fall prey to the trappings. Simply subscribe to SSP Advantage’s year around Smart-Gadget Protection for a super pocket-friendly sum of Rs. 249 /- & bid goodbye to troublesome warranty problems.

Saving your Precious Work Hours: Imagine you have to present in front of the management and while going to the conference room in a rush you drop your phone, what will you do? Don’t panic just notify SSP Advantage and we will pick your phone, repair it and send it back before you know it.

We Promise to Serve Any Weather: Rains in India are more unpredictable than a cricket match. If you get caught up in the rain by any chance and end up damaging your phone. Just call us or email us or ping us on your website and we will pick up the phone and repair it in a heartbeat.

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